Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Hanam's Cute 1st Graders second semester


To do list (CALL)

1. Vocab
  1) Pre & While : Google Presentation for T to explain new words
                        Quizlet & Memrise for Ss to acquire new words
  2) Post : Kahoot, Google Presentation, Crossword Puzzle for reviewing new words
2. Listening
  1) Pre : Voki, Audacity, Youtube playlist for motivation or brainstorming
  2) While : Minimal Pairs, Audicity for listening drills
3. Reading
  1) Pre : Padlet for brainstorming
            graphic organizer for brainstorming
            Google survey form for brainstorming
  2) Post : Kahoot for comprehension check
             Google Docs for group comprehension check